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  1. Terms of Service

    Last update: Tue 11/04/2023 10:19:14 CET

    Important: The enumeration (e.g. i. 1) can move at any time, so when citing, mentioning the date above can be really useful.

    Furthermore, you might come across labels such as HATE, but what do they mean? Simply put, these are abbreviation or codes to make it simpler to refer to specific paragraphs of the terms of service.

    By visiting and using this website, you agree to everything listed on this page, including but not limited to the license and privacy policy.

    1. The internet is dangerous. Clicking links is at your own risk. The links are checked before posting of course, but the internet is dynamic and content can change. This rule especially applies to user generated content on social platforms.
    2. To err is human. All information is supplied without guarantee. Errors and omissions excepted.
    3. Privacy: The website only collects necessary information about you - see below for more on that. Obviously, the website needs to store some data about you, often times temporarily, to make e.g. login systems work. Your personal information is not sold to advertisement companies or anything similarly unethical.

    User Generated Content ("Rules")

    When using any ONLIX services (having a domain ending with or having an IP of ``), you agree the following:


    1. "Content" or "material" refers to any type of information and data, including but not limited to:
      • text (including program/source code/URLs/URIs/links)
      • images (pictures, avatars, illustrations, etc.)
      • audio (music, recordings, etc.)
      • video (including animated GIFs etc.)
      • software/binaries/executables/compressed folders/"normal" folders
      • information transferred over the network/internet (User Agent, request parameters, request data, files, ...)
      • ...other types of data
    2. The main server is hosted in Germany, so content illegal under German law is strictly prohibited! No exceptions. ILLEGAL
    3. Instigating and educating others (how) to breach laws is also a crime! ILLEGAL
    4. The terms of service, the license and anything else may change at any time without prior notice and it's your responsibility to check the website regularly for these updates.
    5. It is the obligation of users to report legal violations immediately. This can either be done using the report button (if present) or using the contact page.
    6. The operator of the website can not be held liable for any legal violations caused by user the operator does not know of as other users are obligated to report legal violations.
    7. The website provider reserves the right to close the service or change it by adding or deleting features at any time. The services may also be temporarily unavailable at any time for technical or other reasons.
    8. In general, you are not allowed to post:

      1. Copyrighted material or content whose license does not allow the user to distribute it. COPYRIGHT
      2. Content that violates human rights UNETHICAL
      3. User's private information, such as passwords and direct messages (it does not which which platform they were sent in) LEAK
      4. Hateful*, racist* and violent* content HATE
      5. NSFW content, such as pornographic media* and body fluids* NSFW
      6. Tutorials on how to deceive, steal, scam or otherwise damage other people. This can also include malicious, non-educational, non-ethical, illegal hacking SCAM
      7. Spam, affiliate-links and advertisements without the consent of the operator of the website SPAM

      These exceptions can be ignored by the website operators at any time if they feel like the content the user has posted is unsuitable nevertheless.
      Additionally, illegal content is always forbidden, no matter the following exceptions.

      1. Educational context and citation, for example news shows and similar.
      2. An educational context does not persist if the user is submitting the content with the intention to advertise for themselves or their company, political party, association or similar. Or, simply put: no propaganda.

      Bug Bounty

      1. Feel free to scan and check our systems for any kind of security vulnerabilities and other types of exploits. You are kindly requested (but not forced) to notify the website operator before doing so.
        However, the following types of attacks are strictly prohibited without permission and not included in the bug bounty program:
        • DDoS attacks DDOS
        • Attacks that cause massive damage to users of the service (not could cause, but actively do cause ). BLACKHAT
        Any of these attack types can - in the worst case - get you a lawsuit.
      2. As long as you inform us about the found vulnerabilities, you basically do not need to fear legal trouble. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to sell or otherwise make the vulnerabilities or the user data obtained from them available to others. SELL_DATA
      3. Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, you can - if I believe you followed the rules - expect payment.
        Feel free to contact us for more information!
  2. License

    1. This website is generally licensed under the MIT License. You are allowed to borrow content from this website, unless otherwise noted, until the operator of this website changes the license (it is your responsibility to always check what the website's license allows you!).
    2. Please note that some assets, such as images and videos are not made by ONLIX, but by the kind people at Pixabay or Unsplash) and can have different licenses.
      You are possibly not allowed to use their assets without their consent.
    3. Warning! You are not allowed to:
      1. Mislead others by pretending you own or created content I actually created.
      2. Sell content I have created, e.g. in the form of merch.
        • You can, however, sell logos/banners/etc. I have created when adding significant changes, for example, you can't just rename the "onlix" logo lettering to "on lix" or "onllix", but you can rename it to "onlost" and add a clown emoj next to my name.
        • This particularly applies for satire. It has to be clear though that your work isn't created or affiliated with me or my projects.
      3. Use content I have created for illegal and unethical (human rights infringing) purposes.
  3. Privacy Policy


    The service sometimes needs to store data for technical reasons. In this case, the operator of this website is doing their best to make it as private and secure as possible: personal information is usually encrypted/hashed and stored securely.
    I'd recommend you to do your search when it comes to privacy, I'd suggest the following websites: PrivacyGuides, PrivacyTools, Go Incognito by Techlore.

    If you want your browsing data to be deleted after closing the browser window, you can use simply open the website in a private ("incognito") window.

    Anyways, the following exceptions describe what data is stored on which service.

    Sign in with XY
    • WHAT: Sharing of information to 3rd parties (such as Discord) with your knowledge for account systems
    • REASON: To make "connect with Discord"-links work, we need to share the information which is needed to connect your account with Discord.
    • PAGES: Various, usually those with "Login with Discord" buttons. Examples include NovaPort.
    Entered form data/logins (user generated content)
    • WHAT: Your login password is always hashed securely, in the example of HELIX with the SHA-512 algorithm. This is even more secure than encryption, because the operator of this website will never know your login password, even if the source code would be changed, only the new passwords will be visible in plain text for anyone.
      Your email address and username however has to be saved in plain text for technical reasons (how is the system supposed to display your username if it's hashed?).
    • REASON: For the website to function properly
    • PAGES: Various, usually those with forms/input fields. Examples include NovaPort.
    Session Cookies
    • REASON: To keep the user logged in.
    • PAGES: Every service of mine with an account/login system.

    The operator of this website simply - if not otherwise noted above - does not track or store anything sensitive about their users. You are welcome to take a look at this website's source code.
    Other projects, such as HELIX are open source as well!

  4. Other/Disclaimers


    If you have additional questions or require more information about privacy, terms of service or similar, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Children's Information

    The social platforms offered by "ONLIX" are designed to be suitable for everyone, but the operator of this website still encourages parents and guardians to observe, participate in, and/or monitor and guide their online activity.