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Messages in German

Natürlich lese ich auch gerne Nachrichten, die auf Deutsch geschrieben worden sind.
Allerdings dann bitte auch nur in privaten Kanälen (z.B. E-Mail) – bitte Deutsch auf Plattformen wie GitHub eher vermeiden. So kann jeder die Diskussion verstehen. Danke!

Bug reports/feedback/... for open source projects

Thank you! Please open the corresponding GitHub repository and open the Issues section. Then, click on New issue.
For example, if you want to send me feedback, bug reports or anything else for Stray, you can do so at
Same goes for HELIX.

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My business contact E-Mail: (not actually, this is just a trap to trick scrapers)
By writing an email to the following address you hereby agree that you understand what kind of inquiries I ignore and consider spam:

Messages containing sensitive and private information (my/your full name, etc.)

Please avoid sending me private information via channels such as E-Mail if the message is not properly encrypted!.

Social Media

Platform Description
GitHub¹ For software issues - Please use the "issues" tab of the appropriate repository to report bugs and suggest improvements to be made.
[insert any (other) mainstream social media platform here] Do you use Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc? Sorry, I do not use any other social media platforms except the ones above, at least publicly.