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How to stream two screens on Discord at the same time

OBS - Installation

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is - according to its website:

"Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming."

  1. Download it here if you haven't already and follow the install instructions.
  2. At first startup, OBS might ask you what you prefer: streaming, recording or just using the virtual camera. Choose "Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary". And click a few times "Next". OBS will configure automatically and choose the best settings, this is why there might be a "Auto-Configuration Wizard". Once the test is done, click "Apply Settings".

OBS - Creating a display source

  1. Below the "Sources" box, click the "+"-Icon, select "Display Capture", and click OK. If everything goes well, a preview of your first display should be visible.

  2. You can select a different screen if you want to. We'll select the second screen soon.

→ Until here, you just need to set it up once!

OBS - Starting the virtual camera

  1. On the menu at the bottom right, click "Start Virtual Camera". This will trick programs, such as Discord (of course), that the output screen generated by OBS is actually a camera.

Discord - The magic

  1. Now that's where it gets interesting. Once in a voice channel, turn your camera (select OBS Virtual Camera) and screen share (select a different screen than you chose before in the OBS menu) on.


Can I stream more than two screens?

Not really. But you can use OBS to create a multi-screen layout by placing, resizing and moving your screens side-by-side on the OBS scene preview.


I'd recommend this video by TroubleChute if you need help:


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