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Should YOU learn Python?

Instead of focusing on the pros & cons, let's discuss projects and reasons you should learn Python for!

I think that this is a better way to decide wether you want to learn Python or not because Python is something like a tool after all, and some tools are better for certain things than others. Because of that, I think that straight out claiming Python is a bad or good language by weighing the pros & cons isn't helpful.

Furthermore, I will suggest other languages or alternatives that might be more useful in the case mentioned.

Disclaimer: Some of the following statements are from my personal subjective opinion and experiences.

Learn Python for/if...

Don't learn Python for/if...


Python is a great language to learn, maybe it's not something for everyone, but it's quite popular and a perfect allrounder.

Decided yet?

I want to learn Python

Great! Be sure to check out this guide created by me. There are a lot of ways to learn Python programming, and it's completely free to try it out! What are you waiting for?

I want to learn other programming languages

Thats okay, there are tons more out there waiting to be discovered by you! I already named a few alternatives above, so be sure to check them out. It depends on your use case, again, I'm convinced that there is not and will never be perfect programming language for everything.



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