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Code your own Reddit Frontend


Simplicity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

194 lines of code (76+21=97 Python + 97 HTML)

Too lazy to follow the entire tutorial or to copy everything one by one? Here's the entire code!

Maybe you've heard of alternative Reddit front-ends such as Libreddit. But why do they exist?

Privacy/Transparency (open source), customization (for example, you can edit the top of style.css file to customize themes or just simply choose one of the default ones) and simplicity (no ads, huge menus/toolbars,...).

The official Reddit frontend isn't (even though it used to be) open source - with low hope of the open-sourceness of Reddit coming back. This is really sad news, but since we are programmers and the Reddit API is free to use, we can just code our own frontend!

Libreddit A screenshot of Libreddit (we're going to build something similar-ish)

The great thing about this project is that you can customize every aspect of it. Want to add support for a login box? Don't like the color scheme (which is actually extremely simple to do thanks to LilaCSS [docs & repo] [demo of themes]? Want to list the comments of a post? Just take a look at the Reddit API and have fun!


We especially need the libraries Flask and PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) in our project.

This project isn't quite simple, so I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to build a Minecraft Serverlist before. Even if you're not interested in doing so - it could be useful to have it opened because it's quite similar to this project.

First, we need to install a few packages. You need to have pip installed for the following commands to work. I'm going to assume that you already have a new Python version (I'd recommend at least 3.7 or 3.8+) and pip installed correctly.

So, open up your command line and enter the following commands to install the required packages:

pip3 install praw flask Markdown python-dotenv

The command above is short for:

pip3 install praw
pip3 install flask
pip3 install Markdown
pip3 install python-dotenv

If the commands above fail, try pip instead of pip3. The output looks like this for me:

(base) lix@on:~$ pip3 install praw flask Markdown python-dotenv
Successfully installed Markdown-3.3.6 flask-2.1.1 praw-7.5.0 python-dotenv-0.20.0
(base) lix@on:~$ 

You can also

Alright, before we can actually start, we need to organize our project. Set up the following folder/file structure to get started:

📂 reddit

    📂 static
        📄 style.css

    📂 templates
        📄 index.html

    📄 .env

Tip · Do not name Python files by a module/library. For example, don't create a Python file called or This is because then, Python will try to import the wrong module.

Notice · You might need to enable "show hidden files" in your file explorer's settings. Here's how! (Windows 10/11)

Again, I won't go into detail about some parts of the code which I have already explained in how to create a Minecraft server list.

API credentials

Warning · Keep these credentials super secure and private! If you don't, the bot could get used by malicious people to spread malware or other illegal content!

Python Backend (

import reddit

import flask

app = flask.Flask(__name__, static_url_path='/')

Again (2.0), I won't go over some code here as I already explained most Flask features in my tutorial about how to create a Minecraft server list.

def index():
    return flask.redirect('/r/tech') # don't use r/all, because it crashes... maybe you find a fix for that ;)

This is just the default home page which redirects the website viewer to r/tech by default. You can change this, of course!

def r(name):
    sort = flask.request.args.get('sort') or 'hot'
    return flask.render_template('index.html', posts=reddit.posts(name, sort=sort), sub=reddit.sub(name), sort=sort)

A function for displaying a subreddit. By the way flask.request.args finds out what ?sort=hot in the URL is (or for the example of YouTube: ?v=): a query string. We need this for the buttons in the navbar for changing the mode of the sorting system (hot, top or new).

def u(name):
    sort = flask.request.args.get('sort') or 'hot'
    return flask.render_template('index.html', posts=reddit.posts(name, sort=sort, is_user=True), sub=reddit.user(name), sort=sort)

Same for here., debug=True)

Let's move on with the module which makes it easier for use to use the Reddit API!

Backend helper for API (

import os
import praw
import datetime
import markdown

We'll need os for loading the environment variables, PRAW for the API wrapping, datetime for formatting time and markdown for converting markdown to HTML so we can display text correctly.

from dotenv import load_dotenv


The function above retrieves the data from the file .env and sets the environment variables accordingly.

client = praw.Reddit(

client.validate_on_submit = True

Initializes the API wrapper with our credentials which were set into the environment variables.

def sub(name):
    data = client.subreddit(name)
    setattr(data, 'subscribers', f'{data.subscribers:,}') # convert to comma-separated number
    setattr(data, 'name', data.display_name)
    setattr(data, 'type_char', 'r') # r = subreddit, u = user
    setattr(data, 'description', markdown.markdown(data.description))

    return data

The function above is used for retrieving details about a subreddit. I set some attributes to make it easier to use within the actual API-frontend (the HTML file). Next, let's make a function for accessing information from a user on Reddit.

def user(name):
    data = client.redditor(name)
    setattr(data, 'subscribers', f'{data.comment_karma + data.link_karma:,} Karma') # convert to comma-separated number
    setattr(data, 'type_char', 'u') # r = subreddit, u = user
    setattr(data, 'description', f'''
        {"🌟 Reddit Premium" if data.is_gold else ""}
        {"✅ Verified" if data.has_verified_email else ""}
        {"👮 Mod" if data.is_mod else ""}
        {"🔧 Reddit Employee" if data.is_employee else ""}
        {"🤝 Friends" if data.is_friend else ""}

    return data

The goes for here, use for an user. I set "subscribers" to the user karma so we don't have to check if the frontend is displaying an user or subreddit.

def posts(name, sort='hot', is_user=False): # fetch posts from subreddit
    if is_user:
        sub = client.redditor(name)
        sub = client.subreddit(name)

We need to check if the post that should be displayed are from a subreddit or an user.

    posts = []

    fetch = # default sort
    if sort == 'top': fetch =
    if sort == 'new': fetch =

This is for making the choice to switch between "hot", "top" or "new" sort available.

    for p in fetch(limit=10): # only first 10 posts, to improve speed. you can change this to a higher number if you want more posts
        setattr(p, 'time', datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(p.created_utc).strftime('%b %d %Y %H:%M')) # when the post was created

We need to convert the time from unix to a formatted string humans can actually understand properly.

        if isinstance(p, praw.models.reddit.comment.Comment):
            setattr(p, 'text', p.body_html)
            setattr(p, 'url', p.permalink)
            setattr(p, 'subreddit', p.subreddit.display_name)

Some fixes for if the post is actually a comment.

            setattr(p, 'text', markdown.markdown(p.selftext)) # convert markdown to HTML

Some Reddit description texts are saved in markdown, but we need to convert it into HTML so we can display it correctly.

        setattr(p, 'score', f'{p.score:,}')
        setattr(p, 'num_comments', f'{p.num_comments:,}')

Self-explanatory. By the way, the :, adds commas for large numbers: 123456 → 123,456


    return posts

Alright. We're done with this file!

HTML Frontend (templates/index.html)

Let's get started with our last file (we have to create for ourselves) for this project - the Jinja2 HTML template!

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/style.css">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <link rel="favicon" href="/logo.png">
    <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/logo.png"/>

    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
    <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0">


...Just standard HTML head stuff...

<body class="midnight">

My CSS framework that we use (LilaCSS) has a few pre-defined color schemes. We just set it to "midnight". You can change it how you want to (just check out the demo), for example "ocean night".

    <header class="transparent-2" style="--image: url('{{ sub.banner_img }}')">

transparent-2 makes the subreddit banner darker so we can read the text in the foreground properly.

            <a href="?sort=hot" class="{{ 'current' if sort == 'hot' else '' }}"><i class="bi bi-graph-up"></i> Hot</a>
            <a href="?sort=top" class="{{ 'current' if sort == 'top' else '' }}"><i class="bi bi-star"></i> Top</a>
            <a href="?sort=new" class="{{ 'current' if sort == 'new' else '' }}"><i class="bi bi-stars"></i> New</a>   

Adds the three buttons for choosing the sort order and redirecting the user accordingly.

        <h1>{{sub.type_char}}/{{ }}</h1>
            <summary>Click here to show the community description.</summary>
            <p>{{ sub.description | safe }}</p>
        <p><strong><i class="bi bi-people-fill"></i> {{ sub.subscribers }}</strong></p>
        <!-- <a href="{{ sub.display_name }}"><button><i class="bi bi-arrow-up-right-circle"></i> Open in normal Reddit</button></a> -->

As explained in my tutorial on how to build a Minecraft Serverlist, | safe allows Jinja2 to use actual HTML code inside of the template.

        <div class="posts">
            {% for post in posts %}
            <div class="post">
                {% if post.url.startswith('https://i.') %}
                <img src="{{ post.url }}" style="{{ 'filter: blur(20px);' if post.over_18 else '' }}">

Obviously blurs media marked as "NSFW".

                {% else %}
                {% endif %}

                <div class="content">

Next, we need to show a tag in which subreddit the post was submitted if we're on an user page.

                    {% if post.subreddit %}
                    <a href="{{ post.url }}" class="plain">
                        <mark><strong>{{ post.subreddit }}</strong></mark>
                    {% else %}
                    <a href="/u/{{ }}" class="plain">
                    {% endif %}

The following code displays the profile picture of the user that submitted the post.

                        <img src="{{ }}" style="width: 20px; border: 100%; position: relative; top: 5px;">&nbsp;

And the user name as well as the date when the post was submitted:

                        <h5 style="display: inline;"><strong>u/{{ }} ·</strong> {{ post.time }}</h5>

These if-statements are there to display flairs on Reddit:

                    <h6 style="margin: 0; display: inline;">
                        {% if post.link_flair_text %}
                        <mark>{{ post.link_flair_text }}</mark>
                        {% endif %}

                        {% if post.is_original_content %}
                        {% endif %}

                        {% if post.over_18 %}
                        {% endif %}

                        {% if post.locked %}
                        {% endif %}

                        {% if post.distinguished %}
                        {% endif %}

And the post title which redirects to the original Reddit post when clicked:

                    <h4 onclick="window.location.href = '{{ post.url }}'">{{ post.title }}</h4>

As well as text content, converted from markdown into HTML:

                    <p>{{ post.text | safe }}</p>

Lastly, up- and downvote arrows.

                    <p style="font-size: 1.5rem;">
                        <i class="bi bi-arrow-up vote" style="color: rgb(219, 72, 72);" onclick=""></i>
                        {{ post.score}}
                        <i class="bi bi-arrow-down vote" style="color: rgb(20, 114, 207);" onclick=""></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;
                        <i class="bi bi-chat-left-text"></i>
                        {{ post.num_comments }}
            {% endfor %}

You can leave an informational message in here if you want to, or links to your social media or privacy policy:

        <p>by <a href="">ONLIX</a></p>

Last tweaks

You can add logo.png in the directory reddit/static/ if you want the website to have a little icon next to the tab. Here's the icon I designed.

To style the website, just copy everything from here to reddit/static/style.css. If everything worked correctly, the new style should be applied now and the website should look something like this (I changed a few lines, but not too much):


Exercises for you!

I'm done with this project, but I'd really recommend you to try master the following challenges:

You can even send me a pull request to the GitHub repository so I can add sample solutions!


You've now learned how to use Flask, Jinja2, the mcstatus library and HTML. Questions? Issues? Tips to improve this tutorial? Open an issue! I hope you've learned something. See you next time!


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