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The screenshot was taken with Complementary Reimagined 1.3.2.

Best Minecraft 1.19.3 Performance Mod-Pack

All of these tests were measured on my PC, so your results will vary.

My display resolution is 3440x1440, with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

Software Version
JDK Lite 19.0.1
Windows 10 Home 22H2
Prism Launcher 5.1


I'm a contributor at Fabulously Optimized, but I'll still provide you with the most accurate and honest results I can. Thanks to the developers of all these mod-packs for their hard work! Go check them out and support them.

Benchmark 1 (mod-pack default settings)

All of these mod-packs:

As I like to keep my Minecraft version up-to-date for the most recent features and bugfixes, I some of the mod-packs were tested in their alpha version. But - as I'm writing this (1/15/22), 1.19.3 has been around for more than a month.

Everything is on default settings, except for the following: - Seed: 1 - VSync: off - Game mode: creative - Java version set (see above) - Memory allocation: Minimum 4280 MiB / Maximum 6096 MiB

Please not that benchmark 1 isn't 100% fair since some of the mod-packs use different default settings!

The FPS are measured after ~10 seconds of loading into the seed.

The startup time is measured from the moment I click "Launch" to the moment I can use the menu buttons.

Mod Pack Version Modloader Startup time World creation time FPS Notes
Fabulously Optimized 4.6.0-beta.3 Fabric 26s 12s 1420 Vanilla-ish defaults (graphics set to fancy, ...)
Simply Optimized 7.17 pre35 Fabric 24s 13s 2335 Low defaults, heavily modded
Adrenaline 1.12.0 Fabric 25s 13s 2024 Low defaults, saving world took ages
Adrenaline 1.12.0 Quilt 25s 13s 2040 Low defaults, saving world took ages
Chronos Client 1.1.0 Quilt 22s 12s 1247 High defaults, heavily modded

All of these mod-packs worked at the first try.

Benchmark 2 (vanilla-ish settings)

For benchmark two, I will use the same mod-packs as in benchmark one, with the only difference being that I use the 100% vanilla options - which means there is a fair contest and we're not comparing apples to oranges. This is because in benchmark one, some of the mod-packs had completely different default settings.

The goal of this benchmark is to compare similar aesthetics.







Startup times were not measured, as there isn't any huge difference expected, and because I change the settings in-game.

Additionally, I used the same world for all these tests to ensure a fair contest.

Mod Pack Version Modloader World loading time* FPS Outdated mods Notes
Fabulously Optimized 4.6.0-beta.3 Fabric 2.7s 1485 - -
Simply Optimized 7.17 pre35 Fabric 3.7s/1.9s 1356 - -
Adrenaline 1.12.0 Fabric 3.5s 1345 - -
Adrenaline 1.12.0 Quilt 2.8s/CRASH 1346 - -
Chronos Client 1.1.0 Quilt 4.8s/2.7s 1476 - -
Yoru 2.9.9 Quilt 5.7s/2.9s 1156 Iris Comes with resource packs, shader packs, and even a server
waffle's Modpack 2023.01.02 Quilt 4.7s/2.8s 1173 Iris Heavily modded, with a lot of QoL additions

*It seems like on some mod-packs, the world has to be converted first. This is probably caused by Starlight, but shouldn't be a problem for most people.



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