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Essential Linux commands you should know

What lead me to creating this cheatsheet

I've often found myself looking up simple commands, such as how to display the current IP address. So, I wanted to share my favorite general purposes Linux commands, no matter if they're distribution-dependent or not (I'll mention the distribution support for commands which are distribution-dependent, of course!)

Package managers


yay PACKAGE # AUR (Arch User Repository package installer wrapper) 
pip install PACKAGE # Python
npm install PACKAGE # NodeJS

sudo pacman -S PACKAGE # Arch(-based distros)
sudo apt install PACKAGE # "Advanced Packaging Tool" for Debian(-based distros)
sudo snap install PACKAGE # Snap


snap list
pip freeze
pacman -Qm # AUR packages (yay/pacman/etc.)
apt list --installed
npm list -g --depth=0


npm remove PACKAGE
pip uninstall PACKAGE

sudo apt remove PACKAGE
sudo pacman -Rdd PACKAGE # AUR packages (yay/pacman/etc.)
sudo snap remove PACKAGE

Screen Sessions

GNU Screen is a terminal multiplexer, which means you can easily manage different tasks on your server.

screen -S NAME # start a screen session
screen -ls # list all screen sessions
screen -XS NAME quit # stop a screen session


kill -9 $(lsof -t -i:PORT) # kills a port
curl # get public IP (v4) address


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