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ONLIX' Hardware Guide

Beware - high chip demand & insane high prices (2020-2022)

Update October 2022: GPU prices are low as of right now!

Update 2023: This could potentially change soon (if China decides to attack Taiwan)

Because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its regulations, a huge amount computer chip manufacturers had problems producing and shipping their chips. In addition to that, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies got famous which lead to even more chip shortage. All of this leads to high demand and high prices. [source]

Of course, I'll take this into account in my article.

(Most important) Technical terms & abbreviations

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Maybe you've seen how other companies such as ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, XFX, EVGA, ZOTAC, PowerColor, Sapphire, and many more sell their own versions with other cooling, lighting, case, clock rates and design in general. This can lead to better or worse performance and temperatures, or product/material quality so make sure to investigate which retailer sells the best one - or just go with the original one.


Just offering GPUs


A huge benefit of NVIDIA's graphic cards are new technologies like RTX (ray tracing) for better lighting and DLSS (deep learning super sampling) for a huge performance boost, especially on higher resolutions. [source]

In addition to that, there are more games supporting custom optimization settings for NVIDIA GPUs than there are for AMD. [source]


Selling both CPUs and GPUs


AMD is known for it's cheap, but efficient products. Obvioulsy, its GPUs don't support NVIDIAS technologies such as DLSS and RTX, but there is something called Radeon Super Resolution, which pretty much does almost the same. [source] [source]



Primarily producing CPUs


Intel is great for office applications such as workstations, but not really for servers or systems that require a huge amount of threads (AMD Threadripper would be a great choice in that case). Intel actually has budget CPUs, too, and the newer generation can actually be worth it if you want a cheap CPU.


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