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What's The Quickest AI Image Generation Website?

Criteria: - Free - No login required - Website (no app, no download, etc.) - Easy to use (no setup required) - Fast (<5 mins per request)¹

¹ failed here (no results after ~10 mins, some issues before)

General Infos

Website Crayion DeepAI Hugging Face Wombo Pixray
Live preview? No No No Yes Yes
API? No Yes No No Yes
Liberal license? Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Number of results 9 4 9 1 1
Overall score 4/10 5/10 4/10 7/10 2/10

Prompt: "Sunset with dogs"

Website Crayion DeepAI Hugging Face Wombo Pixray
Output images (selection) unclear license
Total minutes (minutes per image) 0:55 (0:06) 0:21 (0:05) 0:48 (0:05) 0:13 (0:13) 3:00 (3:00)
(Best) Image Rating ² 5/10 6/10 8/10 9/10 2/10
Note Partly unrecognizable shape of the animals Mostly unrecognizable shapes, only one picture was alright Partly stunning landscape, but unrecognizable shape of the animals Impressive quality, many settings Too abstract style (looks like a painting), many settings

Prompt: "A robot and a human shake hands"

Website Crayion DeepAI Hugging Face Wombo Pixray
Total minutes (minutes per image) 0:48 (0:05) 0:34 (0:05) 0:50 (0:05) 0:12 (0:12) 2:48 (2:48)
(Best) Image Rating ² 3/10 3/10 8/10 2/10 1/10
Note Only images of two robots shaking hands Only images of two robots shaking hands Just a single image actually showed a human arm Result shows the arms of two robots Looks like a mess

² If multiple results are returned, the best one is rated.

The rating is determined, among other things, by the quality and naturalism of the images. Also very relevant is how easy it is to figure out the text prompt.


You're an API-developers? Give DeepAI a try.

You like abstract art (and also APIs)? You're going to have fun with Pixray. Except when you ask for actually realistic images...

But what website is actually the best one? Wombo, in my view. It is quick, has a variety of customization and styles. Even though it didn't quite get the prompt right, the quality is still impressive. The handshake image was a disappointment, though of course you can try other prompts.


Thanks to geralt for providing the image on Pixabay.


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