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Useful Python Code Snippets

Some simple code snippets for copy-pasting!

Essential Linux commands you should know

Useful Linux commands (installing software, networking, etc.)

Code your own Minecraft Server List

Create your own Minecraft server list using Flask and the mcstatus API!

How to stream two screens on Discord at the same time

Discord only allows streaming one screen. Or does it? There's a workaround for that!

Should YOU learn Python?

What are the benefits of learning Python? How does it compare to other languages?

Resources for programmers

Your programming guide - resources that might become handy when (learning) programming.

Code your own Reddit Frontend

Create your own Reddit frontend using Flask and the Reddit API!

ONLIX' Hardware Guide

Your hardware guide - everything you need to know before buying a PC('s parts)

Discord's Security VS WhatsApp's

Is Discord really more secure than WhatsApp? I compared them.

What's The Quickest AI Image Generation Website?

It's not science fiction when we're talking about computers generating artwork. But can a layperson simply open a website and generate the next Mona Lisa?

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