Hello there! I'm Felix, a tech savvy student living in Germany. Welcome to my website!


I'm working on a new homepage design! I'd love to hear some feedback here. Thanks!

About me

A list of programming languages I use, projects I contributed to, and more infos about me can be found here.

About my website

I own a VPS since October of 2021 which hosts almost all of my projects.

I started re-programming my whole blog in February of 2022. The website is still under active development and I'm constantly testing new features to further improve the user experience. Because of that, there might be some slight problems here and there, so please report issues on my GitHub! Thanks.

This website currently only contains a blog, in which I give advice on software, programming and more. Did you know? I built this whole website's front-end more or less from scratch. No stolen templates, no website builder, no third party CSS framework. Why? Well, firstly, to prove that I can and secondly, to learn how to maintain a website.

Where can I find your full name/phone number? (Personal/Private Information)

Because I care about privacy, I don't publish my entire CV and personal data, including name, photo or phone number. If you want to get it touch with me though, there are a lot of options how you can do so listed in my contact page.
Also, this won't change (much) when I become an adult. I'll still care about privacy, at least that's what I hope as of right now.

How/when did you learn programming?

I started creating my own little games more than 7 years ago, and that's also around the time I started making videos. Back then, we had an old laptop really slow so we decided to run Linux Mint on it, so I guess I can proudly say:

I grew up with Linux. And, I didn't even realize it that time, because back then all I was doing was filming tutorials on how to install Mozilla Firefox. Jokes aside, I always had fun tinkering with tech as a little child.

The first "actual" programming language I learnt was Python - in a maker space. At that time first, I was annoyed by how I needed to use str() just to write a number in the terminal properly and how long it took to troubleshoot that.

I already knew some Batch scripts from the internet, so I created my first actual programming project - a Minecraft texture swapper. It's still available on GitHub. It basically just replaces a few files to change the texture of a emerald to that of a ruby.

This was my first successful programming project, and quickly, I decided to learn more about programming. I got myself a book about Python (not an ad) and coded my first GUIs in Tkinter, while on vacation on the PC of my dad. One of my first Python projects was a a file editor with themes.

I started working a lot with Discord bots and had a lot of fun with it. So much in fact, that I created bots for Minecraft server teams, individuals and more. But out of nowhere, discord.py was discontinued. I was really frustrated about that because this meant that I had to re-code all my bots and this curbed my motivation to work on new bots.
I applied for the GitHub student developer pack, and got accepted, which meant I had my first domain - onlix.me. When I got my VPS in October of 2021, I decided to create my own simple website. I learned HTML, CSS and, in 2022, JavaScript.

In 2022, I started working more on various web development projects, including this website.

I'm looking forward to learn more about other programming languages as well as AI.

My blog

While it is mostly about tech, but I also like to share my thoughts and opinions about anything that crosses my mind.

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